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Winds of Change at Shirahime

When I first started writing Shirahime back in early 2010, one of my main motivations was make information available about the unknown faces of the fashion industry. The time has come to reconsider Shirahime’s mission.


  • The London College of Fashion's Centre for Sustainable Fashion defines "sustainable" as: "harnessing resources ethically and responsibly without destroying social and ecological balance". Consequently, 'sustainable fashion' would be fashion that complies with the above characterisation. #
  • In a recent interview published online on 'Green Living' and entitled 'What is Ethical Fashion? A Conversation with Ariel Azoff' designer Ariel Azoff of HeartSleeves gave the following definition: "A very loose definition of ethical fashion is fashion that has been produced by people who work reasonable hours in safe conditions and are paid a living wage. I actually prefer the term “sustainable fashion” which encompasses both ethical fashion and fashion that is environmentally-friendly." #
  • The term sustainability is applied [...] as the responsibility of enterprises for their impacts on society. In this context sustainability is about the integration of social, environmental, ethical, human rights, consumer concerns and financial performance into business operations and strategy in collaboration with stakeholders, with the aim of: Identifying, preventing and mitigating any possible adverse impacts of business’ actions on the environment and society while maximizing societal benefit. (Source: Deloitte online questionnaire) #
  • In the retail gazette's article 'Fashion retailers work towards green future', dating from August 19th 2011, the following was quoted (bold font added by Shirahime): ---- New Look, the high-street fashion retailer, has an Ethical Trading Initiative Director, in charge of its environmental policies and ensuring that the focus on sustainability remains paramount during the tough economic climate. Mark Bannister, Ethical and Environment Manager at the retailer, said that in spite of squeezed margins and disappointing sales figures, green solutions are critical to their strategy. "With difficult challenges in commodity cost increases being driven by rapidly increasing global demand and decreasing sales as a result of lower consumer spending, the long-term economic trend in the retail sector is inevitably towards sustainability," Bannister added. "At present, we are finding the need to prioritise greener solutions as they offer a greater overall product potential, looking beyond the traditional metric of margins. Ultimately the transition towards sustainable fashion will be a lengthy process but we are beginning to find that sustainable choices are the most cost effective choice from a holistic product perspective." #
  • In the Q&A debate on March 3rd, 2010, Lord Addington summarised what the term 'ethical fashion' means in his political/industrial understanding. "When we talk about ethical fashion, we are talking about getting away from throwaway fashion; or, if we are going to throw it away, about how we recycle." #

Welcome to Shirahime – 白姫

Winner Observer Ethical Award 2011

Winner Observer Ethical Award 2011, category 'ethical blog'

白姫 – しらひめ – Shirahime aim is to provide concise information, insights and facts about the fashion industry for an interested public. In the present, the website is dedicated to collecting and publishing portraits of fashion and textiles initiatives that function as social businesses resp. social enterprises.
The website is run and maintained by sustainable fashion expert Dr. Pamela Ravasio, founder and directory of texSture.

Crative Commons by-saShirahime‘s content is published under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license (CC BY-SA 3.0).

Through texSture, our independent fashion and textiles innovation consultancy, we also offer a full range of specialist advisory and training services.
If your fashion business requires business and strategy support, or your media outlet or event requires an expert opinion on innovation, sourcing practices and sustainability in the fashion industry, do get in touch with us through the contact form, via Twitter (@PamelaRavasio), or Facebook.

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